Craft Corner: Scrabble name ornaments

Ornaments are fun to hang on the tree, and board games are a great way to enjoy the holidays with loved ones. This holiday season, join Craft Guru, Gina Delgado, to see how you can combine ornaments and the letter tiles from one of the most well-known board games to create a personalized keepsake. Believe us, this is the kind of ornament you’ll want to display on the tree for years to come.

What you'll need:

Item list for Scrabble name ornaments

To create her Scrabble Name Ornaments, you’ll need to assemble this materials list: Scrabble tiles; twine; large craft sticks; holiday greenery; decorative ribbon; craft glue or Mod Podge brand adhesive; craft brush; scissors; wire cutter to trim down greenery stems; glue gun and glue sticks; assorted craft paints.