Craft corner: Pie garland

Discover your inner creativity with our online Craft Corner! Join us for a demo with simple step-by-step instructions on creating our latest DIY project, pie garlands.

What you'll need:

Here are some materials you’ll need: 

Twine 6ft long or more if you want longer garland.

Felt-       4 pieces Light brown (think pie crust color) 

                1 piece of medium brown (think apple pie color) 

                2 pieces of dark brown (think pecan pie color) 

                2 pieces of orange (think pumpkin pie + pecan color) 

                2 pieces of deep red color (think cherry pie color) 

                2 pieces white (think whipped cream color) 

                ½ yard of burlap 

                Scrape heavy duty paper or tag board. Old cereal boxes would work well for this. (this is to make the pattern) 

More or less felt is needed depending on the length of garland or how many you want to make. Supplies should be enough for a 6 foot garland. You will probably have leftovers. 

Low Temp Hot Glue Gun 

Low temp hot glue sticks

Scissors- regular scissors and if you have a crimping scissors would be fun but not required.

Precision knife

Black permanent marker or Pen (or chalk/silver permanent marker for darker colored felt)