Craft corner: No-sew gnome ornaments

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What you'll need:

Here are some materials you’ll need: 

1- 8inch x 11inch piece paper (this is to make the pattern so can be scrap paper) 

Yarn – Wheat color or any color you prefer for the beard.

Felt Sheets- in the colors you want to make the hat. Each ornament will have one, so get how many you'd like to make. 

Optional: Holiday fat quarter fabrics or other scrap fabrics that are at least 8inch x 11inch size. You will still need the felt for the project. Just choose a color that goes well behind the fabric if you choose to use fabric. 

Fabric glue if you will be using the fabric

Fabric Scissors 

Twine 3mm 

Wood Ball ¾ inch diameter (nose, so get as many as you plan to make) 

2 buttons about ¼ inch diameter or other small decorations. 

Low temp hot glue gun with clear glue sticks 

Pencil or wooden dowel 


Permanent marker