Craft corner: DIY tablet holder

Need to keep your tablet secure as you prepare a Chef Nino recipe? Or during a Soup Can Workout? Lucky for you, crafty crafter and Humana Neighborhood Center manager Gina Delgado has just the project. Her DIY Tablet Holder will keep your device hands free and secure so that you can concentrate on that next big project or recipe.

What you'll need:

Cutting board paddle (choose one that’s slightly larger than your tablet); wood glue; popular board game letter rack or two drawer pulls; two wooden wedges (wooden doorstops work); chalk paint in any color; twine or ribbon.

- Paint all pieces the same color
- Glue the letter rack or drawer pulls to the bottom of the cutting board
- Flip the board over, glue wedges on back to help table stand
- Decorate as wanted with ribbon or twine