Cooped up and cooking: Cajun Christmas potato salad and apricot brandy ham glaze

We are mixing things up in the kitchen this holiday season with Chef Nino’s Cajun Christmas Potato Salad and Apricot Brandy Ham Glaze recipes. Try them out now!

What you'll need:

Here’s your ingredients for the Potato Salad: one 28 ounce bag small potatoes of choice; five ounces crab and shrimp boil; three eggs; ½ cup celery; ½ cup chopped white onion; one tablespoon prepared mustard; ½ cup mayonnaise; one tablespoon finely chopped parsley; ½ bunch green onions, finely chopped (green part).

For the Apricot Glaze: one cup apricot preserves; three tablespoons brandy (not brandy flavoring); one tablespoon corn starch (premixed in ¼ cup water); one cup orange juice; three tablespoons dark brown sugar; two teaspoons Dijon mustard (or Creole mustard); one ham of choice.