Craft corner: Springtime wreath

Please say hello to our new crafting pro, Katie Sarac! She’s helping kick off springtime with a seasonal wreath centerpiece. This quick, easy project will make a wonderful addition to your dining room or even an entryway table as a fun way to welcome your guests.

What you'll need:

To prepare, get these supplies (and keep in mind your chosen colors should go well together): 14-inch wreath ring, 75 to 100 feet of sisal rope, ¼-inch thick or cotton cord rope (you can find this at your local home improvement store; Katie says she got a 100-foot bundle), 2 ½-inch wired ribbon (about 3 yards), few fake
flower leaves, small Easter Eggs or other small spring themed items to decorate wreath, 1-inch ribbon (3 yards), low temp hot glue gun, glue sticks for glue gun, and scissors.