Get everyday support for your health at the Humana Neighborhood Center

We’re here to help reinforce healthy habits you can bring into your everyday life. Make your health a priority by learning and connecting with others at the Humana Neighborhood Center—a community that is open to everyone.

What We Do:

Support, from head to toe

Our senior-focused health education programs help you learn more about managing chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and COPD.

Combining health and lifestyle

Exercise and healthy eating classes address physical health, while connecting with others may improve social and emotional health.

Sticking to a plan

When you enjoy learning about your health, it sticks. That’s why we provide health guidance in a fun, comfortable setting.

Confidence and support

Get help with questions that are troubling you, from technology to Humana plan benefits.

Find us in your community:

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Meet our Health Educators

Not only does our Health Educator team lead the programs you participate in, but they’re also available for you to meet with them 1 on 1! You can get the help you need by talking to one of our highly qualified health educators who are here to help you achieve your goals—at no additional cost.

Here are just a few things health educators can help you with:

Educational assistance

Get informed about important screenings and beneficial classes.


Get more comfortable with your electronic devices and using the internet, and learn how to access online health resources.

Connecting to community resources

Find local places that can assist with food, housing or transportation.

Schedule a 1x1 with a Health Educator today:

photo of name LuAnn Klein

LuAnn Klein



photo of name Sheema Afzal

Sheema Afzal



photo of name John Benz

John Benz


photo of name Candice Smith Carr

Candice Smith Carr


photo of name  Ada Yuen

Ada Yuen


photo of name Ryan Huber

Ryan Huber


photo of name Morgan Arensman

Morgan Arensman


photo of name  Jill Davis

Jill Davis



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Yaritza Casanova



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Salae Jenkins


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Anissa Castillo



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Maggie Scheerer



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Eneida Alcala


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Sukriti Roy



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Maria Caballero



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Ana Garzon


Don’t see a Health Educator near you? Email us at: