Craft corner

Back to school doesn’t mean fun with the family is over. Gather your supplies for the perfect school-ready bonding activity with craft expert, Gina Delgado. See how Gina cleverly crafts a nameplate to send off your children and grandchildren for an exciting school year. #ThatsHumanCare

What you'll need:

Follow along with the materials list and instructions: wooden garden
stakes, sandpaper, painter‘s tape, acrylic paint – yellow, pink, silver, black,
paint brushes, letter stickers (optional), ribbon.
Tape off tip of garden stake with painter‘s tape.
Use the painter‘s tape to mark off the section between what will be the
eraser and the rest of the pencil.
Paint the eraser area pink, the pencil area yellow and the lead point black.
Paint the area in between the pencil area and eraser silver.
Let dry and add extra coats.
Add letter stickers or paint on wording.
Add sealing craft glue, let dry.
Add ribbon if you want to hang the décor.